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Ballard NW
Senior Center

A community partner site 
of Sound Generations

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5429 32nd NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Phone: (206) 297-0403
Fax:     (206) 297-0558

Monday   8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Tuesday   8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Wednesday  8:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Thursday  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

On select Saturdays only
TBD, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Independence Day Weekend
Monday,  July 3, 2017 Open!
Tuesday, July 4, 2017 Closed
Labor Day
Monday, September 4, 2017

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Not Just For Seniors! 

Membership and our events and classes are open to ALL ages.

Take a class, join a group, or attend an event with a parent, grandparent, or friend. Come by yourself and meet new friends! Find an event for you.


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Ballard Northwest Sign

The Ballard Northwest Senior Center extends a very warm welcome to you. We are located in the Ballard area of NW Seattle about one block from the Hiram Chittenden Ballard Locks at 5429 32nd NW Seattle, WA. 98107.

Ballard NW Senior Center was founded in October of 1973, it was created by senior citizens of Ballard, Magnolia, and the surrounding areas and originally funded by money from the Model City Program. The center was created to enhance the lives of local seniors by providing vital programs.

For 44 years the Ballard NW Senior Center has continued to provide a wide variety of programs and services that change and adapt to meet senior need. The center has grown to serve over 4,000 seniors visit annually.

All of our programing is aimed at improving the physical and mental well-being of seniors, to promote independence and connect lives. Health & Wellness services include Drop-In Wellness Clinic, Bastyr Naturopathic Clinic, Foot Care, Dental Hygiene, Acupuncture, and Massage. Our clinics are free and our services are low cost. We also provide weekly speakers on a wide variety of health and educational topics as well as disability support groups such as Parkinson’s, Low Vision, and Memory Loss.

Food Programs includes daily lunches Monday through Friday prepared from scratch for seniors and the disabled. We serve over 10,000 meals annually all on a donation bases. Through partnerships we also provided a secondary Food Bank location for seniors to pick up fresh bread, fruit, vegetables, dairy, and meat.

Social Work programs offer group and individual counseling, memory support, homeless advocacy, home visits, support groups, art therapy, goal setting and resource planning. We also provide legal, financial, tax, Medicare, safe driving, and senior rights consultations all without cost to seniors. Our support groups help people dealing with loss, relocation, family issues, and difficult transitions.

With over 22 exercise opportunities each week our seniors enjoy choosing from three levels of yoga, balance exercises, Falun Gong, table tennis, dance, and more. We have one of the most active EnhanceFitness programs in King County and have provided self defense classes for seniors and the disabled. Active minds are encouraged through our innovative and active educational programs. Our classes are taught by local artists, published authors, and professional educators. We offer a wide variety of literature and language classes, interests groups, art and theater workshops, technology presentations and hands-on opportunities. Partnerships with the Public Works, Seattle Rep., Taproot Theatre, and Market Street Singers have opened the preforming art world to many.

One woman came to the center because she said “this was the only place she felt she could turn to”. Life had dealt her some blows and she felt scared and alone.After her husband’s unexpected death she stayed home, didn’t eat well or exercise, lost interest in family and friends, didn’t take her meds regularly and “contemplated ending it all”. She didn’t want family or others to know or feel sorry for her so she pretended everything was fine. But, she knew she needed help and remembered a neighbor saying the center had helped her with problems so she came in. She was warmly greeted and given a tour, several invited her to sit with them for lunch. She listened to the lively conversation and watched as people genuinely cared about each other. She came again the next day and the day after that and the day after that and continued on. She talked with the professionals that could help her, began exercising every day, ate lunch with new and supportive friends, took a class and began to feel connected again. “The center gave me a reason to live and I am finding joy again. The center made each day better”.

Our dedication to our motto “Where Friends Meet Friends” has provided a welcoming environment were all feel comfortable, safe, and accepted. We provide an ever growing selection of social and support groups. Our Bookstore was created specifically to be a comfortable environment where people could mingle. Card groups abound. Group trip explore and adventure together. Friends gather for meals, parties, and to celebrate holidays, personal accomplishments, and just because they can.

With a very small staff, volunteers are the life blood of this center. We average between 300 and 500 active volunteers each year. Our senior volunteers are a part of every program and assist in very area of the center. We also provide job training and skill enhancements for high school and college students, disabled individuals and seniors returning to work. We have provided internships in partnership with the city of Seattle for low income teens and Volunteer Training Programs for seniors volunteering throughout the area.

We promote growth through partnerships with other community organizations and programs including food banks, local theater, retirement homes and assisted living agencies, Boys and Girls clubs, resource assistance programs, local schools, colleges, and universities, service organizations and churches, Ballard Hospital and rehabilitation centers, Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Public Library, transportation programs, Ballard Alliance formerly the Chamber, other senior centers, and the Special Olympics. Just to name a few.

As a community partner of Sound Generations we are able to offer our seniors access to Meals On Wheels, additional Community Dining locations, Minor Home Repair, Volunteer Transportation, Hydle Shuttle, SHIBA, and Pathways Information and Assistance.

The center is vital to those who come through our doors. We provide a sense of consistency and belonging as we support the activities that help people “be all they can be”. I am privileged to be a part of people’s journeys . . . getting to see the happy, successful and joyous times, the dreams-come-true times, the overcoming-obstacles times and also the challenges and, occasionally, the sad times. The center makes a remarkable difference in people’s lives. Many seniors have told us “thank you for saving my life.”



Ballard Northwest Senior Center’s Mission is to promote the emotional, social and physical well-being of older adults. The center is a place “Where Friends Meet Friends”.


We envision a just society where aging adults and those who care about them can live their best lives. In our healthy community, empowered elders who need help will know where to find information, advice and support. Those who can will offer support and experience a greater sense of purpose as they connect with meaningful service opportunities. We are building programs that include and engage older people and those who love them in an interdependent community. A special responsibility for bringing this vision to reality is ours as the premier provider, promoter and champion for improving the lives of older adults.

Equity and Inclusion

The Center embraces the belief that cultural, social and other differences should be respected and celebrated. We all are responsible for providing and supporting a culturally competent environment that will enrich our interactions with each other and our products and services.

Anti Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of Senior Services and the Ballard NW Senior Activity center not to discriminate on the bases of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sensory, physical or mental handicap, political ideology or sexual orientation in employment or the applications for employment or in the administration or delivery of services or any other benefits. On request, people with disabilities will be provided with reasonable accommodations.


Members and Guests

Talk about what they enjoy while at the Ballard NW Senior Center.

Bingo Players

I find the Ballard NW Senior Center a great place to meet new friends and to participate in numerous activities. We have a wonderful group of people that meet to play bridge on Monday afternoons. It is a competitive group but we also have fun and don’t take it too seriously.

I usually come to Wednesday night dinner because $7.00 is a great deal. There is a ton of food and always a good group of people here. Afterwards I usually stay for the movie. We always new releases but occasionally we get one of the classics for old time’s sake. People love the bingo here too there is always a good crowd. Evelyn

I love the dine-out trips once a month to area restaurants. Fun to go to dinner with a bunch of friends from the center. Eunice

There are many opportunities to volunteer at the center. I love my 1 day as a receptionist. I get to welcome new people to the center and sign them up for activities. I enjoy the action. Jan

Nurse Carolyn is the best. Her monitoring my blood pressure and sugar saves me a trip to the doctor. She is a great lady and it is a free service. Tom

The financial seminars are great. It gives me peace of mind.

The foot care program is outstanding. I can’t do my own toes any more. My feet and toes always look and feel great. The exercise class and walking group are terrific too. Lucille

Playing pinochle is fun, Mostly, I laugh but sometimes I even win. Audrey

I love the new lunch program here. Truly good food and there is always laughter and good cheer. It isn’t only the food it is getting out and being with people. Bill

Love lunch, the menu is varied and fresh ingredients. Yum! Mary

Our rummage sales are the best, we have great stuff and it is cheap. Good for the budget and the lunches are delicious. Anna

The AARP driver safety class is so worthwhile, saves on insurance, and you partner with good people. Helen

The tax help is fantastic and free. Ted

This is the friendliest center, everyone is welcome. I visited several and this is by far the most open, welcoming and friendly. I knew I was home when I walked thru the door. Pat

Thanks for having the flu shot clinics. You sure try and keep us healthy. Wanda

This center is so welcoming. I am so happy that you are so open to diversity. Rainbow bingo is a great addition. Thank you. You can be whoever you want to be here. I am comfortable here and I am not everywhere. Joan

Your special events are fun and never too expensive which is important to me. Thanks for making every day a good day at the center. Love the lunch and exercise too. Susan

There is something at the center for everyone, a class, an outing, a service , games, exercise lunch it just gets better every year. Connie

Thanks for the computer lab, it is so nice to have this service. I stay in touch with my grand kids this way and that is important. Ken

Lunch is fabulous and so are the activities.

The exercise classes are wonderful. I feel better after each class. Great teachers and everyone is so positive. Pat

A fine social worker, classes and groups bring new perspective to our lives. Wish there was more. Claire

This is a place where I can get all my needs met in one place. Exercise, food, friendship, interesting classes, good people, volunteer, fun and a place of lasting friendships and where we care about each other. The center and staff are the very best. Jerry

Wednesday nights are fun and I don’t sit home in my apartment by myself. Wish you were open more on the weekends. Charlie

Nurse Carolyn makes my life better, I can talk to her about anything and that gives me confidence about my health.

I moved out of the area but still come here as often as I can, there is no other place like this center. I am safe and happy here. Alice

You celebrate diversity and everyone is welcome. Thank you, Jonathan.

You provide meaningful volunteer opportunities and I know I am needed and that makes me feel good. The center is so appreciative of all the volunteers and we want to work for you. I love this center!

After enjoying a Wednesday night dinner of individual meatloaf with cheese glaze, J.B. exclaimed in pleasure, "Food fit for a King!"